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Healthy, delicious
puppy food

Welcome to Edgard & Cooper: naturally tasty dog food that you, your pup and our planet can feel good about.

Food without the fluff

Natural, tasty food that’s packed with fresh meat, and healthy fruit and veg. It’s that simple.

Make pals not plastic

From using planet-friendly packaging to keeping our environmental paw print as small as possible, we believe in doing right by nature.

Friends stick together

We donate 1% of sales to the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, who are helping to create a world where all dogs and cats feel good.

Why is Edgard & Cooper perfect for puppies?

Para que tu cachorro tenga el mejor comienzo posible, nos hemos propuesto crear recetas naturales y saludables para cachorros, que sean fáciles de digerir y tengan un excelente valor nutricional

Lots of fresh meat and nutritious offal
Nothing beats fresh meat - and we pack a lot into our grain-free puppy kibbles. No dried meat and nothing overprocessed. This means our kibbles are really easy to digest, and are a high-quality, low-calorie protein source.
Healthy extras to ensure a balanced meal
We blend our recipes with a super-healthy mix of fruit and veg, plus an extra boost of nutritious herbs and botanicals. Our puppy kibbles also contain prebiotics for a healthy gut. Then we cook them slowly to lock in goodness and flavour.
Joint support for your growing pup
We add extracts of glucosamine and chondroitin to our puppy kibbles to support joint health whilst your puppy is growing.

Our puppy menu

Grain-free recipes, specially designed to meet your growing pup's nutritional needs.


Fresh meat and quality ingredients crammed with flavour


Juicy, tasty cups and tins that every pup adores


Pocket-sized goodies to train and reward your friend

When & how to switch puppy food

At the age of 8 weeks (generally) you can bring your puppy home. The breeder or rescue center probably gave you food that your puppy is already used to. It’s a good idea to continue feeding this until your puppy is settled in their new, happy home. Once they feel at home, you can gradually make the change by mixing their old food with their new food. We recommend gradually introducing dog food over 4 days. Like this:

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What other puppy owners are saying

Ruby's skin problems were solved after we switched to Edgard & Cooper kibbles and treats, plus she really loves them. And it's also so cool to have them delivered straight to your house.
Since one of our dogs, Tommie, eats Edgard & Cooper's food & is big and strong, we have now switched Eddie to their special puppy food as well. This grain-free and fresh food contains everything to meet our dog's nutritional needs from natural ingredients.
Since we discovered Edgard & Cooper's food, we've never bought any other pet food. Maui drools over it! Natural, fresh and balanced food for our furry friends.